1. The officers of the Association are the President, the Vice President/President-Elect, the Secretary, the Treasurer, the Immediate Past President, and Vice Presidents for Membership Services, Education, Technology, Archives, and Communication. Officers shall be elected by voice vote of the standing members at the Annual Meeting of the Association, except that (a) the Vice President/President-Elect shall succeed automatically to the presidency at the end of his or her term, and (b) the President shall succeed automatically to the position of Immediate Past President at the end of his or her term. In order to hold any office in the Association, a person must be a standing member of the Association. No person may hold simultaneously more than one office in the Association.

2. The President shall appoint a Nominating Committee in March. The Nominating Committee shall consist of the Immediate Past President (Chair) and two standing members of the Association, neither of whom is a member of the Board of Directors.

3. The Nominating Committee shall make a call for recommendations of nominations. The Nominating Committee shall announce the names of those nominated for Officer and Board positions before or at the Annual Meeting of the Association. Any standing member present may make further nominations at the Annual Meeting of the Association.

4. The term of the President and Vice President/President-Elect shall run until the next annual meeting, or a special meeting held in lieu thereof or until their successors are elected and shall qualify. At the annual meeting or special meeting held in lieu thereof, the Vice President/President-Elect shall become the new President and a new Vice President/President-Elect shall be elected. The terms of the Secretary and Treasurer shall be two years, with the Secretary elected in years of odd number and the Treasurer elected in years of even number. The terms of all other board members shall be one year.

5. The President cannot be nominated to be President-Elect for the year immediately succeeding his or her term of office as President.

6. An officer of the Association may be removed from office without cause by a vote of a majority of the entire Board of Directors. An officer of the Association may be removed only after being given reasonable notice and opportunity to be heard before the Board of Directors.

1. The President of the Association shall have all the powers and shall perform all the duties commonly incident to and vested in the office of the president of a corporation including, but not limited to, chairing all meetings of the Board of Directors and the Association, preparing the agenda for the Annual Meeting, and having general knowledge of and responsibility for supervision of the business of the Association. The President shall also perform such other duties as the Board of Directors may designate or as required by state or federal law or the Articles of Organization, and shall serve ex-officio on all standing committees without voting privileges.

2. The Vice President/President-Elect shall assist the President and carry out such duties as may be assigned by the President. In the event of the resignation of the President or the incapacity of the President to serve as determined by a majority vote of the Board of Directors, the Vice President/President-Elect shall assume the office and perform the duties of the President for the remainder of the President’s term. The Vice President/President-Elect also shall be responsible for overall liaison with other professional organizations.

3. The Secretary shall keep these Bylaws, making reference in the margin to all amendments thereof. The Secretary shall attend the Annual Meeting of the members of the Association and keep a record of the event, which shall be published on the Associationwebsite. The Secretary shall also keep accurate minutes of all meetings of the Board of Directors and in his or her absence from any meeting, a temporary clerk shall be chosen who shall record the proceedings of such meeting.

4. The Treasurer shall, subject to the direction and under the supervision of the Board of Directors, have the general charge of the financial concerns of the corporation and the care and custody of the funds and valuable papers of the corporation, except his or her own bond, if any, and he or she shall have the power to endorse for deposit or collection all notes, checks, drafts and other publications for the payment of money payable to the Association or its order, and to accept drafts on behalf of the Association. He or she shall keep, or cause to be kept, accurate books of account. If required by the Board of Directors, he or she shall have bond for the faithful performance of his or her duty in such form, in such sum, and with sure sureties as the Board of Directors shall require. The Treasurer shall keep a list of all of the members with their addresses, said list to be available at all reasonable times for inspection by any member.

5. The Immediate Past President shall assist the President and carry out such duties as may be assigned by the President.

6. The Vice Presidents shall chair the standing committees of the Association.

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