1. Executive Committee – The Executive Committee of the Board of Directors shall be comprised of the President, the Vice President/President-Elect, the Secretary, the Treasurer and the Immediate Past President. The President shall chair the Executive Committee and convene meetings of the committee as needed. Four members of the Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum for any meeting.

2. Standing Committees – There shall be the following standing committees:
(a) Membership Services – Responsible for the acquisition and retention of members and the maintenance of all member records.
(b) Education – Responsible for all educational programs.
(c) Technology – Responsible for the development and maintenance of the Association’s Website and all technology-related programs and initiatives.
(d) Archives – Responsible for the development and management of the Association’s archival materials.
(e) Communications – Act as editor for Association blog and all other special communications of the Association.
(f) Massachusetts Committee on Relations with Information Vendors (MACRIV) – Responsible for facilitating communications between local information vendors and Massachusetts law librarians in matters relating to information in any format.

Each of these standing committees shall be chaired by a Vice President of the Association.
The Nominating Committee shall also be a standing committee. The Nominating Committee is responsible for proposing a slate of officers and board members, and shall be comprised of the Immediate Past President (Chair) and two standing members of the Association, neither of whom is a member of the Board of Directors.

3. Other Committees – The President and the Board of Directors shall establish such other special committees as they deem necessary to carry out the work of the Association.

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