Privacy is a pretty broad area, almost inevitably encompassing security as a corollary. Here are some useful websites for researching and tracking current issues in the field.

27B Stroke 6

A new blog from Wired Magazine (the name was inspired by the movie Brazil). It covers government surveillance, personal liberty, and related topics. Content is primarily commentary on current news and events.

Electronic Frontier Foundation

The Foundation’s mission is “defending free speech, privacy, innovation, and consumer rights” in the digital world. EFF is primarily concerned with legal affairs, and both initiates and defends against lawsuits concerned with issues of online freedom. This website is useful for summaries of current cases of interest, and includes links to legal documents. A number of topical links, e.g., DMCA, surveillance, etc. include lists of cases with links as well as articles.

Electronic Privacy Information Center

EPIC is a “public interest research center” focused on “civil liberties…privacy, the First Amendment, and constitutional values.” The main page focuses on current news, but “top issues” and “hot topics” boxes contain links to pages concentrating on specific issues, e.g., medical records, sale of phone records, etc. Topical pages contain links to articles, as well as good summaries of legislation and regulations, with citations and links.

National Conference of State Legislatures – Privacy Legislation

Summaries of both enacted and proposed state legislation on privacy issues, with both summaries and links to the full text.

Privacy and Security Law

A blog maintained by the firm of Davis Wright Tremaine LLP. Short articles with relevant links are posted every few days. A recent sample includes: Medical Records: Who Owns the Information?; The Intellectual Property Protection Act of 2006; and Employees Be Warned: Do Not Delete.

Privacy International

A London-based human rights group that is concerned with “surveillance and privacy invasions by governments and corporations.” Content is primarily news and commentary, with some longer reports. Good for coverage of international privacy issues and legislation.

A news digester, a joint project between the Electronic Privacy Information Center and Privacy International, both described above.

Privacy Rights Clearinghouse

Consumer-oriented website, with resources arranged by topic, e.g., Background Checks, Direct Marketing, Financial privacy, etc. Content is primarily consumer fact sheets with links to other sources for more detailed information.

Compiled by Allen Rines of Foley Hoag LLP, in May 2006.

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