Insurance: Government Information & Financial Stability Ratings

National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC)

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) has a lot of regulatory information. This link takes you to a map where you can select a specific state’s insurance department.

Massachusetts Insurance Laws

Laws can be found on the web at this website. You can either link to a specific chapter or section, if you know the citation, or you can simply search the laws using keywords.

Massachusetts Insurance Regulations

Regulations can be found on the Division of Insurance’s Website. To find the regulation in which you are interested you can page through the citations.

Massachusetts Automobile Insurance Bureau

The Automobile Insurers Bureau of Massachusetts (AIB) has auto insurance rates and manuals and copies of the auto insurance policies.

Commonwealth Auto Reinsurers (CAR)

The Commonwealth Auto Reinsurers (CAR) provides information on experience rating and plans of operation.


Financial stability ratings are an important factor to look at when deciding on an insurance company. The ratings indicate how likely a company is to stay in business in the future and how financially able they would be to pay any claims you would make. A.M. Best is one of the companies that give financial stability ratings. There are five main companies that give financial stability ratings (I think that you can get Best’s, Moody’s, and S&P without a subscription. You might have to register but I believe it is free):

A.M. Best Company

Registration is free.



Registration is free.

Standard and Poor’s

Registration is free.


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