General Resources

This set of links offers a selection of handy general reference sources on the web. Since law librarians are often asked for information of a non-legal sort, these sources might be useful to keep on hand on your firm’s intranet or in your “favorites” folder.Compiled by Carol Wellington of Day, Berry & Howard LLP in 6/03.

10,000 Year Calendar

With this calendar you can view a month or year calendar for any year 1 to 10000 A.D. so you can easily determine on what day of the week a certain date fell. This calendar resource shows holidays, and you can find the history for any date by clicking on that date.

Acronym Finder

A database of acronyms, abbreviations and initialisms with over 297,000 definitions. Type in your acronym and the database returns your results with the most common meanings listed first.

Fast Facts

The librarian at George Washington University has gathered a vast compilation of almanacs, factbooks, statistical reports and other reference tools and categorized them by subject. Find facts fast here!

FILExt: The File Extension Source

Can’t figure out how to open that computer file? offers a detailed database of file extensions and programs that use them. The site does not purport to be a general support site, so a search on the database is apt to give you multiple possibilities to experiment with.

Forms of Address

This site gives you the correct forms of address and salutations for academics, religious leaders, government officials, military officers, and professionals.

Postage Rates and Fees

Search this database of over 6,500 associations, which is the member database of the American Society of Association Executives. Search by name, keyword, city or state. Your search results link you the associations’ web sites.

Sperling’s Best Places

Better than just an ordinary reference source! Fill out a questionnaire in which you rank your criteria for an ideal city and find the best match for you. You can compare cities in housing, costs of living, crime, education, economy, health and climate. Choose any two cities and see their characteristics displayed side-by-side.

Universal Currency Converter

Updated daily, the Universal Currency Converter allows you to perform interactive foreign exchange rate calculations on the Internet,using live, up-to-the-minute currency rates. Just enter your information and the amount is calculated for you instantly.

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