The Association of Boston Law Librarians includes a diverse membership from Boston area private law firms, law schools, federal and state agencies, as well as businesses.  ABLL has over 100 members and holds educational meetings, social events and forums throughout the year for members to learn, share, and network. Members have access to the membership list and listserv, voting rights on Association issues, and the chance to participate in the organization through committees. Mentors are available to introduce newer members to the Association’s proceedings and to law librarian community.


The Association of Boston Law Librarians was founded in 1966 when the librarian of Choate, Hall & Stewart initiated informal luncheon meetings among Boston law firm librarians in order to get acquainted, exchange ideas and discuss common issues. Eventually, speakers were invited to address the meetings, which were usually held at the Social Law Library. The organization had no formal name, but was called the Boston Law Firm Librarians and later the Private Law Librarians of Boston. In 1967, the organization became known as the Association of Boston Law Librarians. A newsletter was established, a union list compiled and the Constitution and By-laws were adopted.


The purposes of the Association shall be:

  • To cultivate the science of law librarianship
  • To develop and increase the usefulness of law libraries and other informational resources and services relating to the practice of law in the greater Boston area
  • To provide a forum for professional discussion, communication and exchange of ideas
  • To carry on such other activities as may be incidental to the foregoing purposes or as may be permitted under Chapter 180 of the Mass. General Laws or any successor provision, which an entity exempt from federal income taxation under Section 501(c)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code may conduct