A Heartfelt “Thank You” from Georgia

As you may or may not know, Georgia Ypsilantis was  recovering from a serious
injury over the spring when she received a floral arrangement from all of us at ABLL.
She wanted to extend her sincere thanks to everyone and figured the best way to do
that was to send her thoughts along to me in a note and I would relay them to you.
I’m sure she would love to do it in person, but, as you will see, she still manages to
convey that distinctly unique “Georgia” spirit:

Dear Friends in  ABLL,

Want to thank you all for your good wishes. We will have fun together
real soon! Also, thank you for the most beautiful floral arrangement.  It
was so different, it made the rounds on the ward floor! Very different flowers.
Most beautiful! It was so nice to have been remembered by you, my colleagues
(librarians).  Hope to see you all soon and thank you again!

Sincerely (lots)